Work Packages_


Focuses in taking care of the overall leadership of the consortium, including the administrative management of the project in terms of ITEA framework rules, and the leadership of the scientific research and development activities. The activities in this WP will monitor and control that all milestones and deliverables are achieved in schedule.

Use case requirements & TIoCPS architecture framework

Focuses on the analysis of use case requirements and definition/specification of the TIoCPS architecture for trustworthy and smart CPS communities (TIoCPS concept), the related technology assessment, interlayer and functional level development of the referred concepts, and the roadmap planning of these concepts and solutions in the use cases/pilots contexts. The objective is to specify the TIoCPS technology framework in terms of horizontal layers, functionalities, applied traditional/legacy CPS standards, interfaces, data models and open research items of the project.

Smart, secure and trustworthy CPS information management and processing

Focuses into information level challenges of CPSs. The information level refers here basically to all the aspects related to data/information acquisition/exposure, and its further processing, and smart use e.g. for control actions (open loop, closed loop). Such actions are expected to be required both in the edges and back-office cloud systems in the UCs and applying services of authorization and policy services for data/information exchanges. The WP will be responsible for studying, specification, design and development of the TIoCPS information & exchange level software frameworks including the CPS data/information spaces and distributed knowledge management.

Secure and Trustworthy CPS system communications

Focuses on the R&D of the enablers for trustworthy and secure CPS communications for TIoCPS communities' concept. Especially the challenges of communication and authorization zones in CPS systems are targeted, including the aspects related to identifying communicating entities and stakeholders, ensuring that the referred entities are what/who they claim to be, related communication security methods and means, and enabling methods and means for making trustworthy and secure communication level relationships (agreements/contracts) between the referred entities and stakeholders by developing required authorization and role based policy services for communications and information sharing.

Enablers of TIoCPS devices, Trust and Secutiry

Focuses on the R&D&I of the enablers for TIoCPS physical resources/devices and gateways, and related trust & security means and platforms. The aim is to focus only on the physical resources/devices that are required in the context of the project UCs, and especially focus into the capabilities that are needed when enabling energy efficient and autonomous solutions for trust & security.

Evaluation/validation of TIoCPS concepts - Pilots & Experiments

Focuses on the evaluation/validation of the TIoCPS concepts and results in terms of pilots and experimental systems. This WP consists of the definition, demonstration, integration, verification and validation of the key technologies, UCs, and the pilots & final demonstrators. Thus, this work package will experiment, demonstrate and evaluate the main concepts of trustworthy CPS communities data spaces, the novel technical capabilities developed within WP3-5, which are also combined/integrated within this WP in various combinations.

Dissemination, standardization & exploitation

Focuses into the impact issues of the project dealing with pilots/UC scenarios, dissemination, standardization and exploitation related to the results of the project. The goal is to ensure high quality dissemination of the results of the TIoCPS project via academic publications, project internal and external workshops, and active visibility into the relevant academic and industrial forums.