Smart ecosystem
Smart ecosystem
Smart ecosystem

The TIoCPS project aims to contribute towards solving this grand challenge, boost the businesses of the involved industries, especially in the context of selected use cases (UCs) related to energy and mobility-related industrial application sectors for enabling a more smart, interoperable, and sustainable ecosystem and society by enabling trustworthy and smart communities for CPS.

The envisioned TIoCPS innovation is based on the concept of trustworthy and smart CPS communities (TIoCPS concept), which targets to enable interaction with physical CPS entities so that the sector-specific service providers can exchange data/information for achieving smart (incl. AI-based) operations, the business values of each party are respected. Privacy, trust, and security requirements of all the involved stakeholders, including the users/owners/customers of the physical CPS resources, are taken into concern.



The Portuguese consortium consists of a company (Digitalmente, Novas Tecnologias de Comunicação LDA) and an entity of the I&I System (ISEP - Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto).


Work Packages_


GECAD - ISEP is a Research Unit having as mission the development of scientific research and innovation for the incorporation of Intelligence in Engineering and Computing Complex Systems. Intelligent Energy Systems is the International and National reference of Excellence of GECAD, namely in areas like Smart Grids, Electricity Markets, Distributed Resources, Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and Intelligent Buildings.


With more than a decade of existence, DIGITALMENTE is a technological company specialized in the design and development of software and hardware solutions, aiming at new applications and new business processes.Currently, the company's R&D strategy is guided by three vectors:

  1. Development of its own technology;
  2. Development of internal skills, by strengthening the R&D team and by approaching the scientific and technological environment, deepening partnerships and projects that are already underway and developing new ones;
  3. Internationalization, leveraged on technological platforms for the energy sector, with potential for global diffusion.